Richard Etner



Richard is PARR's loyal, long-distance member. A native of The Bronx, he now resides just northwest of Phoenix, AZ. Prior to retirement he resided in Northern Virginia. PARR is fortunate to have him continue to attend a number of summer overnight trips as he often visits the beautiful Virginia mountains in the summertime. Richard has ridden motorcycles for 30 of the past 40 years; his first bike was a 1974 Yamaha RD250A.

Richard's extracurricular interests include hiking, golf, photography and travel. He spent his professional years as a computer programmer, although he now states that he is in his dotage. (In our opinion, he certainly hasn't yet slipped down the slope of the old and weak!) His jovial sense of humor and his current ride, a 2007 BMW R1200R obviously propel him through life's exciting journeys.

Richard is married to his wife Fran, who, in Richard's words, generously gets onto the bike once per year for a trip to Starbucks. His son Matt is a more hardcore biker and is currently in the process of acquiring his third bike.

Richard has been a PARR member for at least 12 years. He enjoys riding two lane country back roads - especially with PARR. He states that his most recent contribution to PARR is the hosting of a nearly rained out lunch.