Ron Perlik



Ron's interest in back road riding developed from years of bicycling as a youth along the then-rural byways of Northern Virginia. A buddy introduced him to dirt bikes at the nearby gravel pits which are now Tysons II shopping mall! When old enough to get his license, an enduro bike (also called a "dual sport") mechanized his wanderlust. His first two motorcycles were kept at friends' houses since his parents did not share his enthusiasm for this activity. Ron rode motorcycles throughout high school and college, enjoying the exploration of back roads and trails in North Carolina, New York and New Hampshire.

It wasn't until he had reached his mid-thirties that Ron discovered the pleasures of dedicated street motorcycles. His 550 Yamaha opened new vistas in Virginia and West Virginia. His next street bike was a Harley Dynaglide. Trips on this bike convinced Ron and his wife Barbara that motorcycle touring was something they wanted to take more seriously. The Harley was sold the next year and replaced by the Goldwing that they still enjoy today. It shares the garage with a 350 Suzuki dual sport, an antique 1973 Yamaha RD350 two stroke, and Ron's fourth motorcycle, a 1971 185 Suzuki dual sport. His current road riding activities include year-round commuting, day trips, multi-day rides, touring rallies such as Americade, and long distance endurance riding/rallies. Ron has been a member of PARR since 2000. He has led multiple weekend trips for the club and is currently our AMA Liaison.