Joe Smith



Joe joined PARR in 1999 after serving 10 years overseas with the Department of State/Foreign Service. In his second year with PARR, he served as the club's Secretary. He laid out several poker runs and led many rides before again departing for a three year tour of Vietnam in 2003. After this tour, he did not return directly to PARR, instead continuing his government service with two years at the State Department's Florida Regional Center. At this time, Joe switched his ride from a 1999 Honda VFR sport bike to a 2005 Honda Goldwing. Joe says the comfort of the Goldwing is more suited for the PARR overnight rides and the distance riding that he now enjoys.

Joe's riding interests have recently leaned toward grand touring, as they take him to areas he might not otherwise visit. In 2009, Joe and fellow PARR members Ron Perlik and Paul Flynn partook of the first Virginia Grand Tour. The tour was completed in a seven month period and included stops at 58 different locations across the state. Also in 2009, Joe joined Ron to complete his first Iron Butt Association (IBA) ride, a Virginia in-state Saddle Sore 1000 mile adventure.

In 2010, Joe again teamed up with Ron to do an IBA 50cc ride from Jacksonville, FL to San Diego, CA. Ron and Joe used this opportunity to begin collecting National Park Stamps for yet another IBA certificate. That summer, Joe and Ron also completed a second IBA Saddle Sore 1000 in the state of Ohio as part of the Hoagy's Heroes benefit ride.

Joe regularly particpates in the Tour Of Honor, the Smoke Chasing BBQ Tour, and the Virginia Grand Tour. As a team, Joe and Ron were awarded a 3rd place trophy in the 2013 Tour of Honor for capturing all seven Pennsylvania locations in less than 24 hours. Long distance events in which Joe has participated include in-state Saddle Sore 1000 rides in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Virginia.