Lynn Wascak



Lynn took her first passenger ride at the tender age of 15 on Long Island. That's was when she learned about "hot" pipes on the sides of motorcycles, but it was a great ride with a good friend! Lynn has loved riding as a passenger ever since.

Lynn has ridden as a passenger on and off over the years, but has never had the desire to be the primary operator of a two-wheeled mode of transportation. After she met her husband Mike, he suggested she take the basic riders' course at Northern Virginia Community College. She readily signed up, thinking that this endeavor might be a possibility. The class, however, was very large and "newbies" received little individual attention. Unfortunately, Lynn never really determined whether she could learn to ride. On that particular day, she dropped the bike that had been assigned to her three times as she continued to lean the wrong way when she stopped. She also took down another bike (and the lady on it!) when she tried to stop and her motorcycle didn't... After nearly inflicting bodily harm upon her classmate and herself, she realized that some people are meant to be drivers and some are meant to be passengers.

Lynn is a pretty good passenger! She loves the hills and mountains of PA and NY and trusts her husband Mike's riding abilities implicitly. In the past, Lynn has served as PARR's Membership Chairperson. She loves the club!