Road Conditions and Distances


A great deal of time has been dedicated in planning the routes of each PARR tour. When the rides are planned, only hard-surfaced roads are considered. But a lot can happen with the roads between the time the route is created and the time the Tour actually takes places. Not all roads can be checked by the Ride Leader. Things like road construction, detours, pot holes, and road damage can and do occur. Riders must be prepared and experienced enough to react to each situation to maintain their safety and the safety of the group. Each daily route is designed to offer a full day's riding adventure. In addition to the varied road terrain and great landscapes, time is allotted for sightseeing and refreshments at roadside stops. Daily riding distances can vary but are usually 100 to 250 miles each day. We plan on arriving back at our overnight accommodations at the end of each day to allow plenty of time to enjoy any amenities.